Corona Virus Day 2 Devotion

Coronavirus – Day Two – Devotion
Stay Calm…Wash Your Hands…Pray

“We are to pray in times of adversity,
lest we become faithless and unbelieving.
We are to pray in times of prosperity,
lest we become boastful and proud.
We are to pray in times of danger,
lest we become fearful and doubting.
We are to pray in times of security,
lest we become self-sufficient.”
The Reverend Doctor Billy Graham

Ezra 2:64-69
As soon as they came to the house of the Lord in Jerusalem,
some of the heads of families
made freewill offerings for the house of God,
to erect it on its site.
(verse 68)

After fifty years of exile in Babylon the Jewish people finally return to their homeland. The first place they go is to the Temple, the house of the Lord, and what they find is nothing but rubble. Imagine the emotions that fill them knowing that the very center of their lives together has been destroyed. Immediately, after they absorbed the shock, they dreamed of their Temple restored and to make this a reality the heads of the families give a freewill offering of gold, silver, and priestly robes.

The returning exiles believe in the promises of God to restore the Temple and their homeland and put their silver and gold where their hope is. When we give our gifts of time, talent, and resources it demonstrates our faith even in the face of difficult times such as these.

The donation of priestly robes matters as well. These robes represent the foresight of the Israelites that worship would happen in the Temple once again. You see, the donation of these robes tells us that they were of such great value that the Israelites carried them into exile with the hope that at some point in the future they would return home, worship would be restored, and the robes would be needed.

Rebuilding takes our offerings of time, talent, and treasure. Restoration requires the hope and foresight that we will overcome any challenge. God’s promises remain constant and those who stand on this truth see unlimited possibilities for the future…so much so that the first thing they do is put their silver and gold where their hope is and they do it with confidence and joy

A Time of Meditation:

Please enter into a time of silence remembering that the coronavirus is not only a challenge to our health and wellbeing but it is also a financial crisis for our Chapel. In that worship has been temporarily suspended and the collection plates sit silently in the sanctuary awaiting our return from exile, let us not forget that the Chapel’s expenses go on and your donations continue to be sorely needed. And, when we give, let us do so just as the Israelites did, with joy in our hearts and confidence that God will see us reunited in worship and ministry on the other side of exile.

Closing Prayer:

O Lord, no matter the length of years that we must wait, we yearn for your new age when the lion will lay with the lamb, when crying and mourning will be no more, and when your promised final and complete restoration will be fulfilled. Until then, grant us the confidence in your promises that we might keep the priestly robes ready and make our freewill offerings with joy.

Edward and Tamara offer this song in the hopes that it might bring all of us comfort and hope. Please click on this link or copy and paste to your web browser:

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