Corona Virus Day 4 Devotion

Coronavirus – Day Four – Devotion
Stay Calm…Wash Your Hands…Practice Six Feet of Social Distancing…Check on a Friend or Neighbor by Phone…Pray

“There is more to being a disciple than having faith.
There is more to being a disciple than showing love.
There is hope. Don’t forget hope. Always hope.”
Reverend Leonard Sweet; Professor, Theologian, and Scholar

Exodus 3:1-6
Then (the Lord) said, “Come no closer!
Remove the sandals from your feet,
for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.
(verse 5)

When Moses stood watch over his father-in-law’s sheep, I wonder if he expected an encounter with the Most High God coming from a bush in the midst of a herd of smelly sheep? Perhaps, just like us Moses restricted the Holy to those places designated for worship, like our sanctuary here at the Chapel.

My experience is that God refuses to be boxed in by our expectations. Did you happen to see the orange sunrise Friday morning or the blossoms popping forth from the red azaleas on our Chapel campus yesterday? No, I am convinced that God speaks through these things as well as through angels, donkeys, clouds, pillars of fire, and even scraggly bushes that don’t seem to burn. Through nature, our friends, a sermon, a chance encounter, a passage of scripture, a prayer…God uses all these things to proclaim, instruct, admonish, and encourage us so that we might grow in our faith.
God alone constitutes the holy and our role is to simply open ourselves by taking off our shoes, to recognize the holy, and to listen for what God would have us hear.

I know that you are missing your experiences of God through worship here at the Chapel but I am asking you to be open to experiences of God all around you as we progress through this crisis. God is everywhere, at all times, and is seeking to share a word of love and encouragement with you. Isolating yourself during the coronavirus outbreak can bring loneliness, breaking our well-established routines can bring aggravations, and fear can so consume us that we enter into desperation. Please know that God is with you and as Reverend Sweet says above, “There is hope. Don’t forget hope. Always hope.”

A Time of Meditation:

Have you ever experienced holy ground in an unexpected place. What about your experience made it holy? How did you respond? I invite you to enter a time of silence and experience the Holy wherever you are right now. Symbolically or literally, take off your shoes and listen to God’s word for you this day.

Closing Prayer:

O God, you speak to us in the most unusual places…unconsumed burning bushes and unassuming ordinary encounters. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear. Help us to know when to speak and when to be quiet. May all that we do and say and feel today reflect our awareness of your presence with us. Amen.

We will be worshipping soon in an unexpected place. I want you to be a part of it. We will be using something as unusual as a burning bush. It is called Zoom and I encourage you to go to your computer or phone and download Zoom so that you will be able to join us for a live worship service on March 29th at 9:00. Pajamas are allowed! If you have difficulty downloading Zoom, please give me a call and one of our Tech Deacons will contact you with assistance.