The purpose of the Milestone Moments Ministry is to honor the members of our Chapel family when they progress through significant passages of life. When a Chapel member or friend reaches one of these milestones they will be recognized in worship and presented with a small gift to remind them that they are loved, supported, and encouraged by every Chapel member. This is one more way that we can reach the goal of creating a stronger sense of “family” or community among our members. Families celebrate these life milestones together and so should our Chapel family.

Here is the Chapel Board approved list of Milestone Moments:

First day of school
Third grade
Sixth grade (Middle School)
Ninth grade (High School)
High school graduation
College freshman
College graduation
Post-graduate degree
Induction into the military service
First job
Birth of a child
10th wedding anniversary
25 wedding anniversary
50 wedding anniversary
60 wedding anniversary
70 wedding anniversary
90th Birthday