If you are unable to serve, please contact a person on the attached usher sheet to fill in for you. Please be at the Chapel by 8:30 a.m.

Please note: Pastor Paul would like to have at least 2 greeters at each of the monthly gatherings. Since the gatherings were not included on the assigned schedule, would anyone who is attending a gathering please step forward to help with greeting. Thanks for your cooperation and assistance.

7 – Wendy Tetreault Dot MacDonald, Bart & Peggy Reuter
14 – Lee Connelly, Gisela Danielson, Carole Faas, Lore Olsen
21 – Marilyn & Bud Holzerland, Cathy Norman, Joyce Singletary
28 – Bob Tourt, Shirley Percival, Mike & Sue Barry

4 – Lee Connelly, Gordan Zeller, Kathy Goodman, Dot MacDonald
11 – Bart & Peggy Reuter, Lore Olsen, Pat Price
18 – Bob Tourt, Shirley Percival, Wendy Tetreault, Harlan McCaskill
25 – Gisela Danielson, Dot MacDonald, Lee Connelly, Carole Faas

1 – Gordon Zeller, Kathy Goodman, Joyce Singletary, Cathy Norman
8 – Bob Tourt, Pat Price, Mike & Sue Barry
15 – Dot MacDonald, Bart & Peggy Reuter, Lee Connelly
22 – Shirley Percival, Lore Olsen, Harlan McCaskill, Carole Faas
29 – Wendy Tetreault, Gordon Zeller, Kathy Goodman, Pat Dantzer